German Castle Hotels: Top 7 Hotels to Make Your Fairytale Come True

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Want to stay in a German castle hotel? There are thousands of castles in Germany. And some of them even offer unique overnight lodgings.

Yes, you can make your dreams of feeling like a princess, or prince, come true. A lot of the castle hotels in Germany are operated by families that have owned them for centuries. As a result, some even have a prince or baron as your host. So, yes, it’s also possible that you’ll meet your prince charming during your stay :). 


german castle hotel inside

What to expect from a German Castle Hotel

Castle hotels in Germany are mainly family-run enterprises. And with owners who are often descendants of the castle’s earliest princes, barons, and counts.

So it’s typical in such places to find lots of family memorabilia around that lend quite a bit of character and style.

Castle hotels are generally located in the countryside. However, they’re often not too far from a town, so you can choose to use  a single hotel as a base from which to explore the area. Alternatively, if you want to experience difference castles and see the unique flair of each one, you can choose to sleep in a different castle each night.

Many of the castles are close to a train station or a bus stop, so even if you don’t have a car, you can get around using public transport. However, renting a car makes it much easier for exploring.


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The 7 Best German Castle Hotels


Althoff Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg, near Cologne


German Castle Hotel Althoff Grandhotel

The 5 Star Schloss Bensberg Hotel, lies near Cologne & Düsseldorf. This is a majestic and enormous 300-year-old Baroque Palace. With gorgeous gardens, a host of superb facilities, and what many consider to be Germany’s very best restaurant; the 3 Michelin Star winning, Vendôme.

Everything about Schloss Bensberg is of the highest quality. It’s an extremely elegant property. Which has added modern features and facilities carefully and with great style,

Hotel Burg Trendelburg, Hesse

hotel trendelburg
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Home to the tower where the real-life Rapunzel was said to have let down her golden hair. The reimagined castle hotel offers a comfortable stay and all the modern comforts.

But the real attraction is a trip up the 165-foot tower. Because here can you see a reenactment of the Rapunzel fairytale. And experiencing a traditional sauna within the walls of a 700-year-old castle.


Schlosshotel Munchhausen, Hameln

Schlosshotel Münchhausen
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In a magical setting in the Weser Highlands. This is the resort-version of a castle hotel experience. Three restaurants (one awarded a Michelin-star). An 18-hole golf course, a spa, English gardens, and 68 lovingly restored rooms and suites within 16th-century walls.

This German Castle Hotel is definitely for you that want to treat yourself!


Hotel Castle Liebenstein, Middle Rhine Valley


German Castle Hotel Liebenstein

A stay at this 13th-century castle with its exceptional views across the Rhine River and Neckar Valley brings Medieval Germany to life.

In the guest rooms, the look is Middle-Ages-meets-modern-comforts. With plenty of red and blue velvet. Heavy wood furnishings and canopy beds. Many have exceptional views of the Rhine and surrounding vineyards and forests.

Beyond the castle, explore this UNESCO World Heritage-listed region by boat, bike or along the Rheinsteig hiking trail.


Dornroeschenschloss Sababurg, Hesse

German Castle Hotel Dornroeschenschloss Sababurg

The inspiration behind the Grimm Brother’s tale of Sleeping Beauty. The real-life Aurora. Was said to have been imprisoned within these castle walls more than 400 years ago.

Today, the grand, turreted castle is the most popular stop on the Fairytale Trail. Open to hotel guests as well as visitors with day passes.

Don’t miss dinner on the quiet terrace overlooking the world’s oldest wildlife park. Also, for Sleeping Beauty devotees, there are daily performances of the famous fairytale.


Schloss Eberstein, Black Forest

German Castle Hotel Schloss Eberstein

Schloss Eberstein is a medieval era stately home & castle surrounded by acres of its own vineyards.

It is a place to relax and be pampered. And with its Michelin Star winning food, it has gained a terrific reputation within Germany. It also offers cooking classes, and so is quite the place for foodies.

The setting is suitably gorgeous. The words fairytale-like immediately come to mind. With the castle sitting on a green hill overlooking the little town of Gernsbach, the Murg Valley and the Black Forest.



Schönburg Castle Hotel, Rhine River

Schönburg Castle
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Schloss Schönburg is a luxury castle hotel on the Rhine River by the medieval town of Oberwesel, near Frankfurt and is a stunning sight from near or far.

There’s also gorgeous views from the castle itself. Both of the famous river and of the surrounding rich, green, Rhineland countryside.

The excellent restaurant and the Knight’s Hall dining room deserve a particular mention. As do the private gardens. Follow their various winding paths and there is something to discover around every corner.

With gorgeous flower beds, old-style swings, snug mini cottages, secret hideaways, giant chess boards and various statues and art installations.


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