What It’s Really Like to Stay in a Castle Hotel in Germany

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Growing up, I always dreamed about the castles in fairytales, wondering what it would feel like to stay in one. Some dreams come true! I finally had the opportunity to stay in a castle hotel in Germany, and it was a whimsical experience.

Castle hotel in Isselburg, one of the recommended places to visit in Germany

Like many girls, I dreamed of being a princess, not one of those damsels in distress but a kick-ass smart modern princess.  Having not a drop of royal blood, the only way to realize that dream would be to marry a prince.  Since that is unlikely, I had to put my mind to it and come up with another plan. And like any kick-ass smart modern princess, I found the best way to get what I wanted. Years later and all grown up I finally got to see what it is like to stay in a castle hotel in Germany.

Castle Hotel in Germany

Romantik Parkhotel Wasserburg Anholt: A Castle Hotel in Isselburg, Germany

The Romantik Parkhotel Wasserburg (Burg means a castle in German), is not just any castle, it’s one of the largest water palaces in the entire Münster region. It dates back to the 12th century when its purpose was to protect the surrounding prefecture. Today its purpose is much more civilized – for guests to unwind, enjoy and relax, and in my case pretend I was a princess.

This special castle hotel in Germany has grounds as extensive at 42 ha and include a historic garden, wildlife park and 18 hole golf course.  As I strolled around the gardens, I found myself holding my head a little higher, as if I really was a princess who was going for a walk in the garden with her attendants.  Never mind that in my warm wool coat, this was all a figment of my imagination.

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historic gardens in our Castle Hotel in Germany

The Museum

There’s also the on-site Museum Wasserburg Anholt which features a large collection of Salm-Salm paintings:

Museum in our Castle Hotel in Germany

In true princess fashion, I pretended I was actually knowledgeable about art and acquainted with the people in the paintings. I silently made comments like Oh dear, she certainly has indulged a little too much in the Foie gras. It may be time to actually acquaint myself with art. Needless to say, it was a diversion from my normal everyday life, but a fun one!

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Dining at a Castle Hotel in Germany

As you may imagine, the original inhabitants of the castle did not need a restaurant as they probably had a full kitchen staff to serve them wherever they wanted. When the castle was repurposed as a hotel, a restaurant was added.

The restaurant is wonderful and provides a fantastic ambience and view of the grounds. In warm weather, guests can enjoy the outdoor seating area which offers spectacular views of the garden.

restaurant with moat views in my Castle Hotel in Germany

you won’t be disappointed by the restaurants royal treatment. The cuisine served here is regional with a touch of Mediterranean influence. Guests can also enjoy a fine selection of wines is also served. I certainly felt like a royal when I was served this chocolate ice-cream filled castle dessert, but then again doesn’t everyone’s chefs prepare such things for them? Tsk.

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castle dessert served at my Castle Hotel in Germany

Sleeping in a Castle Hotel

One of the things I was most excited about was getting to my room and into my luxurious bed. This was the part that was really going to make me feel like this was home. And I have to say that I was not disappointed when it came to comfort.

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Each of the 31 rooms is unique and features different paintings.  My room was lovely, although it didn’t resemble what real royalty’s bedrooms look like and (gasp) there was no Lady in Waiting to help me get ready for bed:

room in the castle hotel

I may not have had a lady in waiting, but I was fortunate enough to have beautiful views from my room window. I had a full view of the draw bridge and Rose Island.

view of the draw bridge and Rose Island from my Castle Hotel room in Germany

When the end of my stay grew closer, I really wasn’t ready for the proverbial toll of the midnight bell. It was time to turn into a pumpkin again and head home from the Romantik Parkhotel Wasserburg.

But I was adamant to keep my kick-ass modern princess attitude and made myself a promise to return soon for some princess pampering.

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Know Before You Stay in a Castle Hotel in Germany:

  • The Romantik Parkhotel Wasserburg is a great experience for couples and is more affordable than you think.
  • Staying in a castle hotel is a great way to try something new. A weekend here makes for a perfect gift for someone you love.
  • Each Romantik Hotel is privately owned and is historic.  You can find over 200 Romantik Hotels (including more castle hotels) in 11 different European countries.

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I loved pretending to be a princess at a castle hotel in Germany. I wouldn’t hesitate to return the next opportunity I get.

Thank you to Romantik Hotels for making my dream of staying in a castle hotel a reality.  As always all opinions expressed are my own.