17 Gifts from Germany that Everyone will Love

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Looking for some gifts for that special person who loves Germany? Look no further, this gift guide is the perfect place to find gifts from Germany and beyond.

I have been in Germany for quite some time and have been fortunate enough to have first-hand knowledge of, well most things German. I love hearing from others how much they enjoy living in Germany, mostly foreigners. And there is something very unique about all things German, some in a good way and others not so much. I often get asked by people what the perfect gift or gifts are for someone who loves Germany.

Well, it won’t take much guesswork on why I thought this would be the perfect post. And as always I am eager to hear what you would add on.

To make it a little easier to navigate (I have tried to add in as many items as I could), I divided them into categories: German food, Christmas decorations, gifts for the traveler, children’s toys and games for the entire family.

Gifts for the Traveller

Lonely Planet Travel Guide – Germany

Sometimes planning a trip is almost as enjoyable as the journey itself. Prolong the pleasure by giving this guidebook to someone planning a trip to Germany. I used it before I moved to Germany and visited many smaller places that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Add a little German inscription to personalize it.

German Phrasebook

You can’t go wrong with a German phrasebook as a gift from someone who loves Germany or who is planning on traveling to Germany. This phrasebook offers 2500 phrases and words that are helpful in any situation. I especially love when gifts are practical and useful. This is perfect if you want to get the most from your trip to Germany.

Germany Map Watercolor illustration

I love collecting things from my travels especially art from around the world. Each piece brings back great memories and is a great addition to your home. Although I don’t own the piece below, I love the statement it makes with its simple elegance. What better gifts from Germany than an artistic addition of it.

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German food

One thing that I know makes you feel like your in Germany is getting a little taste of the cuisine you would have in Germany. And I always feel that food is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone, especially if they miss a place or need to get acquainted with what they would be having on their trip.

Lebkuchen from Nuremberg

If you have visited Germany during Christmas then you will know that Nuremberg Lebkuchen is one sweet treat that you don’t want to miss. Nothing says Christmas quite like the aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves found in Lebkuchen. What makes it special is that it is a long-standing Christmas tradition. It first appears in records as early as 1395.

The city became famous for its gingerbread since it was on the spice route. Back in the Middle Ages, wafer-based gingerbread (different from the gingerbread cookies found in North America) was considered a delicacy. Nuremberg soon took pride in making the best gingerbread and as early as 1441 there was a spice inspector at the city gates. Only the highest quality spices were allowed into the city, before being passed onto the gingerbread bakers.

This particular Lebkuchen comes in three varieties in the tin (which I love to keep because it’s really pretty). This is one of my favourite gifts to give from Germany. I love sharing the yumminess with my friends and family.

Dresden Stollen

Dresden Stollen is the German version of the Christmas cake found in North America. And the best part is that it is covered in yummy icing sugar. This is probably on the mist authentic gifts you can give from Germany.

It is a long-standing tradition in Germany (since 1474) to eat it over the medieval fasting period. From 1560, it became to get a reputation as being fit for kings. Today, it’s only made with high-grade ingredients.

German Pretzel Baking Mix

There’s no real history lesson when it comes to the pretzel, besides that it can be found in records as early as the 12th century. And if you’re a snack lover, which I have to admit I am, then you definitely know how amazing pretzels are. Bavarian pretzels are amazing, and one of my favourite things to snack on when strolling through Munich.

But if you can’t be in Munich then this is the next best thing, make your own to snack on wherever you are.


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German Christmas Decorations

Many Christmas traditions originated in Germany including Christmas markets! A Christmas ornament is a beautiful gift to remind someone of the magic of Christmas in Germany. These Christmas decorations from Germany are one of the things that many people love.

Christmas Pyramid

Christmas Pyramids are wildly popular in Germany and are thought to be the predecessor of the modern-day Christmas tree. They date back all the way to the Middle Ages and were originally hung from ceilings. They come in all sizes and are a great gift to give from Germany.

Gingerbread Nutcracker

A German legend has it that nutcrackers represent power and strength. They stand as a guard dog to keep watch over your family, baring their teeth to scare evil spirits away. No wonder that nutcrackers are such popular keepsakes! Not to mention they make gorgeous holiday decorations.

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German Christmas Ornaments

The first Christmas trees appeared in the 15th Germany in churches. They were once decorated with apples to symbolize the Paradise Trees. When people started to use Christmas trees at home, the apples were replaced by star-shaped wafers and eventually modern-day ornaments. In Germany wooden ornaments are really popular and you will find them everywhere, especially at Christmas markets. It is the perfect gift to bring a little charm from Germany.

Handpainted Wooden Christmas Tree Ornaments

Lace Christmas Ornaments

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German Toys

Grimm’s “Little Flower” Wooden Puzzle

Besides being eco-friendly, wooden toys are durable and offer a personalized touch. Not only is this one beautiful but so is its meaning – Beauty, and Life.

Hansel and Gretel Toy House and Storybook Playset

I love toys that encourage creativity and imagination, and this playset is just so darn cute! I can imagine that it would provide hours of entertainment. It’s the perfect toy for parents and kids to enjoy and learn a little about this famous German fairytale.

Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm

As a huge reader ever since I was a child, the Brothers Grimm were some of my favorite fairy tales. Plus, story collections are an excellent way to encourage children to read more. And who doesn’t love a great Grimm fairytale?

German Games and Puzzles for the Whole Family

Confession time. I’m a huge board game nerd. My idea of a great Saturday night is having friends over for dinner, then playing board games. Fortunately, I’m in the right country. Many Germans love board games, and some of the world’s most famous games have come from Germany.

Catan Board Game

Germany’s most famous board game better known as Settlers of Catan is one of my all-time favorite games. No two games are ever alike, and you can spend a lifetime perfecting your strategy. It’s been awarded Game of the Year, Hall of Fame, and Game of the Century in Germany, the United States, and worldwide.

Thurn And Taxis Board Game

In this game, you’ll build post offices around Bavaria and the surrounding regions. See if you can do a good of a job as Franz von Taxis did when given the job in 1490. It’s won Game of the Year and is considered a classic in southern Germany.

Bonanza Card Game

You’ll play the role of a bean farmer – overalls optional. Strategize which beans to plant and which ones to trade. I’ve played this game more than any other game in Germany, and it remains one of my all-time favorites. It’s especially fun to play with a small group as it results in some heated trading discussions.

Besides, board games I also love doing puzzles. What better one to do than Neuschwanstein, Germany’s most famous castle. Choose between a regular one or a 3-D one that you can display afterward. Puzzles are a great way to relax during the holidays, and I love having something great to show off to the visitors. It’s a great activity whether you’re on your own or with family.

Neuschwanstein Puzzle

One of these thoughtful gifts is sure to be perfect for the person in your life who has a love for Germany. Happy Holidays!

Let me know your gift recommendations in the comments below.

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