Why Charming Houses in Northern Germany Are Disappearing

One of my favourite type of traditional house found in Northern Germany is in danger of disappearing – the thatched roof house.   I love seeing farmhouses with thatched roofs when spending time in Northern Germany and find them utterly charming.  They remind me of a simpler time.

Unfortunately, thatched roofs are in danger of disappearing and I can’t say I blame the Germans.  Thatched roofs can be a fire hazard.

They catch fire more easily than other roof materials do, the fire spreads more quickly and when the reeds burn, they slip and fall into the house which can make it difficult for people in the house to escape from the fire.

As a result, houses in Germany with thatched roofs also carry substantially higher insurance costs than houses with roofs made of other materials do.  Furthermore,  thatched roofs are not any cheaper than building a roof with other materials, so building a thatched roof results in increased costs, not to mention safety concerns.

With this in mind, I can’t really blame Germans for choosing other materials over the thatched roof, but I would hate to see all the thatched roof houses in northern Germany disappear.
Thatched roofs may not look very durable, but they can last 30 years or longer.  They are built with a high pitch to keep the water running off the roof and normally it’s only the top layer of reeds that gets wet.  The thick densely packed bundles of reeds serve as an insulator.

I love seeing how the thatched roofs evolve as they age.  It reminds me of how people’s faces change, a few more wrinkles here and there, which gives them character.  The inside of this house which I’ve been inside looks the same as the inside of any other house – white ceiling with no visible thatched roof.

All the thatched roof houses I’ve seen in Germany are made of brick.   I really like the contrast of the thatched roof when it starts to grow some green moss with the red brick.
What types of houses have you come across in your travels that you enjoyed?

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